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The Survivors

Radio Zed would just be words on the page without these amazing actors, whose passion and dedication to this project are an inspiration!

Radio Zed CAst

Craig Anton (R.R. Timmons/MacKenzie)
Mouzam Makkar (Survivor)
Corey Joseph (Joseph)
Barbra Dillon (Michael)
Andrew Sandoval (James)
Cyris Leonard (Alba)
John Yelvington
Kari Lane (Kelly/Voices)
Aaron Pressburg (Frank/Voices)
Kristina Carlisle (Voices)
Marissa Drammissi (Betsy)
John Garst (Voices)
Hans Hernke (John Duffy)
Karole Foreman (Kim)
Mark Fite (Randall)
Sirena Irwin (Jenna)

Stories from the Fall  CAst

Corey Joseph (Dan)
Andrew Sandoval (Andy)
Kari Lane (Lisa)
Aaron Pressburg (Newscaster)
Guile Branco (Tim)
Ashley Seal (Gwen)
Allen Resha (Soldier)
Ryan Scott (Mitchell)
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